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Our Creative Founders.

Physical and Digital product company based in Philadelphia and Jersey City. The managing board is Jersey raised with a goal to strengthen the community. We are currently developing and dropping products but also looking to expand the team. We are in the middle of structuring the company and refining its resources. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at If you'd like to lend a hand and share your knowledge, join the team! Click the button below and let us know what you can do. If you're a good fit you will definitely be hearing from us!

Owner/Director of Operations

I'm the head of operations here at NXTLVLL. I was raised in Pakistan and moved to Jersey City at a young age with my family. Jersey City is my home, and growing up in one of America's most culturally diverse cities has given me a lot to think about growing up. I have seen many beautiful traditions and cultures so much more different than my own it felt like there were multiple worlds within such a small community. This is what I fell in love with, how close I was to all these diverse worlds where people expressed confidently who they were. I want to build a brand whose products embody this closeness and inject a principle of freedom of expression. I am more than excited to make NXTLVLL that brand.

Owner/Director of IT

I am the Tech Master at NXTLVLL. Born in NY and raised in Jersey City, NJ. I am nothing short of proud to have lived and continue to live in communities that many people are afraid of, often because they don't understand them. To me these places are undeniably underappreciated, and its community members undervalued. In a moment of epiphany in high school, I made a personal decision to focus on creating something that would give these communities a platform to feature the diversity of their stories, their language, their challenges, and their dreams. I feel that NXTLVLL is taking a step in that direction and couldn't be more excited about the journey!

Owner/Director of Brand Designs


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